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No matter the complexity, scale or innovation level of your cloud project, we will stand by your side, ready to define and execute the ideal solution.

Ready to scale

Amazon Web Services is the most reliable and comprehensive cloud platform. An exceptionally wide range of services and tools will help you build, deploy and scale your applications and infrastructure.

Meeting all your needs

Are you a fast-growing scale-up, an established enterprise looking to innovate more strongly, or an organization in need of greater flexibility and IT security, AWS and Scale can meet all your needs.

Over 250 certified experts

As an AWS expert partner, Scale can assist you with your entire cloud project, or parts of it. Scale is the one-stop shop of all AWS experts in the mighty Cronos Group. We bridge more than 20 competence centers and thus constitute the largest AWS knowledge hub in the whole Benelux. With over 250 fully certified AWS consultants, we will always assign the experienced specialist team you need.

Loyal Customers Include…

Our specializations

You can rely on us for any type of cloud project. Next to that, we have structured our offering around six specializations. Our dedicated teams of experts are always committed to providing you with the best. Discover more details of our offering.

Cloud migrations

Take advantage of a comprehensive suite of tools, from computing power and storage to machine learning and security, to deploy a wide range of applications and workloads

SAP in the AWS cloud

Benefit from a purpose-built infrastructure and deep integration with SAP solutions, ensuring high performance, scalability, and reliability

Data and Analytics

Use a rich ecosystem of services to efficiently store, process, analyze, and visualize large volumes of data for your data-driven decision-making

AI and ML

Reduce time to market with an extensive set of managed AI/ML services, based on an end-to-end platform for developing, training, and deploying AI/ML models at scale


With a full-grown ecosystem and features like device management, secure communication, and integration with AI and analytics tools, simplify your IoT application development

Cloud DevOps

Streamline your practices with integrated tools and services for building and managing CI/CD pipelines, seamless automation and deployment, and robust infrastructure management

For a sustainable approach

We consistently provide the most sustainable cloud solution, ensuring our dedication to ESG responsibility. Relying on FinOps best practices too, we will help you lower the impact of your cloud infrastructure. We will equally look at how to optimize cost through efficiency pursuit and implementing smart cost management strategies.

We invite you to embrace the synergy of sustainability and FinOps, making it the winning formula for all your future business operations in the cloud.

Partnering with vmware
and Trend Micro

Both The Cronos Group and AWS have established strong partnerships with VMware and Trend Micro. As your dedicated point of contact for AWS, Scale ensures seamless integration of virtual machines (VMs) into your cloud environment. Furthermore, you can always rely on the highest level of cloud security.

Why Scale

Scale is a collective of ambassadors, program and project leaders dedicated to consolidating and expanding the wealth of AWS knowledge within The Cronos Group. Serving as a one-stop shop for AWS services, we boast the largest expertise in the Benelux region, with over 20 competence centers and a team holding more than 250 AWS certificates. Our experts are equipped to address any inquiry you may have, ensuring comprehensive support for all your AWS needs.

One-stop shop for AWS
Largest expertise in Benelux
+20 competence centres
+250 AWS certificates
Experts for every question

It’s the scale that makes it mighty: we collaborate, facilitate, and establish a partnership between you, our ecosystem, and AWS to foster the growth of your business.

Part of The Cronos Group

The Cronos Group has expanded into an organization comprising over 8,000 employees across 12 countries. Our group offers comprehensive IT services to facilitate the realization of our customers’ ambitions. In this endeavor, we increasingly collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, combining diverse perspectives to gain a holistic view of projects. This approach empowers us to deliver increasingly innovative solutions, catering to the evolving needs of our clients.

The Cronos Group is actively involved in various innovative sectors and serves as a catalyst in transforming scientific research on new technologies into practical business solutions.

9,000 employees
1,13 billion in sales
13.75% growth
510 competence centers

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